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HetmerovaAlexandra Hetmerová is an illustrator, visual artist, animator and film director from the Czech Republic. She studied animation at FAMU Prague. In the course of her studies, she spent time at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. She worked as the main dramaturge of the Anifilm Festival in Třeboň in 2013. She is the director of such award-winning animated short films as Swimming Pool (2010) and Mythopolis (2013), among others. Currently she works as an illustrator of children’s books and is preparing her next short animated film. Together with Katerina Karhanková, she is also developing a children’s TV series called Hungry Bear Tales at Bionaut Production, Prague.

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When Deers Don’t Sleep • 2006 • 01‘ 36“
Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood • 2006 • 00‘ 44“
Wave of Care • 2006 • 02‘ 27“
Allergy • 2007 • 03‘ 00“
Dwarf Dance – New Year‘s Greeting Card • 2015 • 00‘ 41“
Harpies are Singing Jingle Bells Rock – Christmas Wish • 2011 • 00‘ 46“
Swimming Pool • 2010 • 06‘ 34“
Mythopolis • 2013 • 11‘ 36“


mini interview with Alexandra Hetmerova

1. You made a huge success at international animation festivals with your student film Swimming Pool, and then you decided to further develop the same fictional world in Mythopolis. Does the clash of the mythological world and contemporary society still inspire you?

No it doesn’t. I mean, I finished with mythological characters. I already put all what I liked about them into Mythopolis already, so this topic is closed for me. But still I am interested in everyday life stories (about love in most of the cases) combined with something strange. Now I am working on a new script for my short film about a very close relationship between a man and his washing machine.

2. Your films have been well-received both as films for children as well as short films for general audience. Is it easier for you to express yourself as a director or illustrator for children at the moment?

No, I don’t. I’m still trying to do everything to entertain every generation with no age limit.

3. Czech drawing animation is very characteristic and can be recognized from far away e.g. for their very illustrative and amusing character design and focus on dramaturgically well-balanced and subtly humorous stories. Working in Czech animation art and industry, do you also feel to be part of a certain Czech animation school or tradition?

There are different approaches to the creation of animated film. There are films, where the director has his or her own characteristic visual style, for which then searches for a suitable theme. However, the way of the ”Czech School” is to first have a theme or idea to which then the director searches for a suitable style of cinematic storytelling, design, music and animation. Also in my author’s films, I follow this latter approach.

+1 Having been graduated for 2 years and being out there working as an independent artist, do you have any message or advice to students of animation?

Oh, it would be just so great to be able to come up with something very clever which would change their life…


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