Alexey Alexeev is a director, art-director, animator, scriptwriter, composer and editor. Alexei Alexeev was born in Moscow, he attended Russian University of Cinematography with a focus on film and animation. In 1989 he got a job as an animator in Studio Pilot, and later became the Creative Director of Varga Studios, then Studio Baestarts in Budapest. He was the Series Director for many TV-shows, including Mr. Bean series (TAP), Kipper (Hit Entertainment) and Baby Blues (Warner Brothers). His animated shorts have won over 70 prizes in festivals around the world including Annecy 2008 and 2009, Hiroshima, Zargeb, Seoul, and New York. Based on his recent short KJFG No.5, Alexey produced the animation series Log Jam, which has been sold to Nickelodeon International and Canal Plus France. Alexey was a member of selection commissions and jury member at more then 40 international animation festivals, including Stuttgart, Karlovy Vary, Utrecht, Anilogue, Anifest. He regularly makes workshops and master classes for students.

 Originally you studied to be a rocket engineer. How did you end up making animation? 

I like animals more than rockets. Especially if they are drawn.

 In your short films you do script-writing, character design, animation and the sound track as well.
Is there any part of animation production you can’t make? 

It’s easy: production management!

 For a while you were based in Hungary, and now you are back to Russia. What did you like the  most in Hungary, what did you miss the most in Russia? 

In Russia I miss Hungarian steam bathes, in Hungary I miss Russian bad weather.

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