Aneta Ozorek is a producer and programmer of music documentaries section on Ars Independent Film Festival, programmer of KLAPS children film section on REGIOFUN Film Festival, producer of RANDOM Film Festival organized in collaboration with NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema. Author of the educational strategy for Film Art Centre “Kosmos”. Coordinator of Animation in Action!, project of animation workshops in cooperation with national film archives from Czech and Hungary, and Slovak Film Institute. Organizer of panel about Film production for children at the conference devoted to Trends in film distribution in Katowice. Organizer of SABABA Festival of Jewish Culture, which presents films, music and theater performances from Israel. Illustrator of six books for children prepared by Kronika – Center for Contemporary Art. Member of jury during NOTFALL Film Festival (Nederland), Odense International Film Festival (Denmark), Zlin Film Festival (Czech).

Mini interview with Aneta Ozorek, member of the international jury

Among many other things, you lead animation workshops for children. What can you teach the kids through these activities?

We do stop-motion animation together, which allows you to work with children on many levels. They open up to create their personal stories, to design their own worlds, to communicate their needs, concerns and fears. It allows them to be artists. They also learn to work with others and to discipline themselves, and most of all, to overcome the limitations posed by the outside world. It’s an endless discovery since in the animation everything is possible. It is a lot of fun and it awakens their love for cinema, too!

In Poland cinema, including animation, is a specially distinguished cultural artifact, which you pay a lot of honour to. What do you think is the special feature of Polish animation today? Can you name a few of your favorite films or directors?

It is true that Polish animated film enjoyed and still enjoys great popularity around the world. The hallmark of the Polish School of Animation was its ironic humor. You can find it in the classical works of Jan Lenica, Halina Bielińska or Daniel Szczechura. This scent you can also find in the work of Piotr Dumała, master of so poetic and serious films like Łagodna (A Gentle Spirit) and Zbrodnia i kara (Crime and Punishment) and even more in animations of Mariusz Wilczyński and Andrzej Barański. In recent years, a new generation of animators derived from the famous studio of the “Bresson of animation”, prof. Jerzy Kucia, and graduates of the Łódz Film School or independent artists. One of my favorite projects, among others are Lato 2014 (Summer 2014) by Wojciech Sobczyk, Casting by Kacper Zamarło and Shivering Trunks by Natalia Brożyńska.

What do you expect from today’s young filmmakers, among them the animation directors competing at Primanima?

Infinite passion of life! Isn’t it we all looking for?


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