Grand Prix (sponsored by the Hungarian Film Postproduction Association)
Nina GANTZ: Edmond (UK)

For the beautiful combinations of different techniques in an innovative way, while at the same time a deep and well-thought-through story about loneliness.

George Pal Prize for the most promising Hungarian talent in animation (sponsored by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority)
KREIF Zsuzsanna és ZÉTÉNYI Borbála
(Limbo-Limbo Travel)

For a crazy beautiful and crazy long film, which takes us into a world of madness. We can’t wait for the directors’ next crazy film!

Best Début film
Francesco ROSSO: Fok Nabo Distorio (EST)

For a film which takes us into the secret of cinema and magic of experimental art.

Best Graduation Film
Natalia CHERNYSHEVA: Two Friends (FRA)

For its beautiful animation and perfect timing in a story with no happy ending.

Best Workshop Film
Alan JENNINGS: Going Through the Motions (USA)

For a simple yet original and very-very funny film.

Alexey Alexeev’s special mention
BERTÓTI Attila: Tale (HUN)

For the great use of traditions and the legacy of drawn animation.

Eliska Decka’s special mention
Pascal Floerks: Bear (GER)

Even if it’s not an animated film from a strictly technical point of view, this film has a strong and powerful animated spirit, using exaggeration, metaphors and symbolism. A beautiful, bizarre and sad story about the alienation from someone’s own family, while trying to understand them at least a little bit.

Andrea Martignoni’s special mention
Ewa SMYK: The Deal (UK, POL)

For a simple and well narrated story with the use of an original technique.

PrimaSound: Best Sound Design
Edmond (UK) – hangdizájner / sound designer: Rob Turner

A film rendkívüli érzékenységgel felépített hangi világáért, amely átélhetővé teszi a történetet, segíti az érzelmi azonosulást a főszereplővel. A film egy különleges hangi utazás részesévé teszi a nézőt, és technikailag is magas színvonalat képvisel.

The Student Jury’s Favourite Short Film

Nina GANTZ: Edmond (UK)


Gyula Macskássy Prize for the most popular Hungarian animation (sponsored by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority)
BERTÓTI Attila: Tale

Short Film Audience Award
Natalia CHERNYSHEVA: Two Friends (FRA)

The Children Audience’s Award

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