Grand Prix

Iku Ogawa: I Think You’re a Little Bit Confused (Japan)

When confusing things are explained in confusing ways, in the end everything becomes clear.

George Pal Prize for the most promising Hungarian talent in animation 

Luca Tóth: Superbia (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

The gender roles are reinvented in an original way. We are glad that she clearly didn’t go to any human anatomy lessons. We are looking forward to see where she is heading to with her talent.

Best first film

Réka Bucsi: LOVE (Hungary, France)

The synopsis of the film already describes our feelings. Catalogue page 110.

Best graduation film 

Diyala Muir: The Day After the Party (United Kingdom)

The film captures the unique feeling everyone has experienced on the day after the party.

Best student film

Amanda Bonaiuto: Batfish Soup (United States)

The film builds up a labyrinth of interpretations that gives the audience several ways to get out. Freestyle animation at it’s best.

Alexandra Hetmerová’s special mention

Giulia Martinelli, Marta Gennari: Merlot (Italy)

I prefer white wine, but this was really tasty.

Joni Männistö’s special mention

Tymon Albrzykowski: Ink Meets Blank (Poland)

The film masters the traditional technique and builds up suspense to abstract images with music.

Kristjan Holm’s special mention

Céline Devaux: Sunday Lunch (France)

Besides translating the absurdity of life in an understandable format, the image isn’t just an illustration for the narration.


Special Mention: In the Distance (Christian Wittmoser, Tobias Boehm, Germany)

Special Mention: Beyond (Péter Benjámin Lukács, Hungary)

PrimaSound Award: Farewell (Julij Zornik, Slovenia)

The Student Jury’s favourite films (shared prize)

Zsófia Pethő: Cakó Kacák (Hungary)

Céline Devaux: Sunday Lunch  (France)


Most Popular International Film

Jan Saska: Happy End (Czech Republic)

Most popular international children’s film

Julia Ocker: Wolf (Germany)

Gyula Macskássy Prize for the most popular Hungarian animation

Réka Bucsi: LOVE (Hungary, France)

Tibor Csermák Prize for the most popular children’s film from Hungary

Örs Bárczy: Hey Deer!

Bálint Farkas Gelley: Door to Othertown


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