This year first time the Best Hungarian Children’s Film will receive the Tibor Csermák Award. It is dedicated to the memory of the Hungarian film director Tibor Csermák, who would celebrate his 90th birthday next year.

Tibor Csermák was born in Kaposvár, in 1927. He graduated in 1951 at the Academy of Fine Arts as a graphic artist. By then he had started to work for the Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, initially participating as an animation designer in the making of The Little Rooster’s Diamond Half-penny (A kiskakas gyémánt félkrajcárja) and of Sports Contest int he Forest (Erdei sportverseny). His first works as a director were adaptations of tales by Móricz, like The Turk and the Cows (A török és a tehenek) or The Piglet and the Wolves (A kismalac és a farkasok), which were made in the legendary Pannonia Film Studio. He also worked in Peter’s Adventures (Peti) launched in 1961, which wast the first animation series made for children in Hungary. His films made in the early sixties were characteristic psychological, lyrical, animated aquarelles (The Ball with White Dots / A piros pöttyös labda; Moon Fisherman / Holdhorgász; The Joy of the Song / A dal öröme). The Ball with White Dots was the first significant Hungarian international animation success, which won the first prize of the Children’s Film Festival in Venice in 1961. He passed away tragically young in 1965 at the age of 38.

At the Primanima Award Ceremony the Tibor Csermák Award will be presented by his former pupil, Zsolt Richly. The award is sponsored by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, and is selected by the children attending the screenings of Primanima both in Budaörs and across the country.

Screenings (as accompanying films)

10.19. (Wednesday) 20.00 (Opening Ceremony)
A kismalac és a farkasok / The Piglet and the Wolves • 1958 • 6′ 00”

10.22. (Saturday) 09.30 (Kids’s choice: best of children films 1)
Holdhorgász / Moon Fisherman • 1964 • 8′ 00”

10.22. (Saturday) 13.00 (Kids’s choice: best of children films 2)
A dal öröme / The Joy of the Song • 1963 • 11′ 00”

10.22. (Saturday) 20.00 (Awarding Ceremony)
A piros pöttyös labda / The Ball with White Dots • 1961 • 8′ 00”


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