Début film / Elsőfilm
Cím / Title: Rejtett képesség / Hidden Talent (HRV 2013 06’00″)
Rendező / Director: Miran Miosic
Stúdió / Studio: Zagreb Film

Szinopszis / Synopsis: The Feline City has cheerful, sociable and songful small cat Bjelobrk but his musical ‘meow’-ing is terror for his surroundings because he can’t sing. That does not prevent him from constant and disastrous singing. His family and his teacher at school are trying to explain this to little Bjelobrk but their benevolence he understands as approval.
When his best friend Lina shows him the poster for Music School, Bjelobrk decides to leave for further training. His departure proved to be the best news and blessing of tranquility for population of Feline City. But what about his ‘come back’?


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