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 10. 20. (Thursday) 15.45 (BABtér) 

HolmKristjan Holm was born in 1976 in Tallinn, Estonia. He graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in 1999 as an interior designer. Very soon he understood that a room is limited to four walls, which started to trouble him. An unexpected discovery that a film frame has also four walls, gave him the final impulse to change his focus and dedicate his life to investigating the ties between frames and walls.

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Small House (2008 6′ 15″)
Escape (2009 5′ 36″)
Big House (2011)
Worst-Case Scenario (2014 • 14′ 40″)
Dot (2015 • 3′ 50″ • 10′ 39″)


(mini interview with Kristjan Holm)

What was your drive to initially study interior design and what made you decide to leave it for animation?

Interior design was a teenage plan without any master plan. Life was nice, crazy projects and champagne. 12 years later it turned out that animation had some kind of a plan with me. Hopefully it knows what it’s doing…

What do you think are the most characteristic features of Estonian drawing animation?

Lack of dialogues for sure!

Being a lover and expert of bikes, how are animation and bicycles connected to your opinion?

Bicycles mean pure freedom; animation, if we think how it’s made, means long term imprisonment in the windowless cell… Quite opposite things, luckily they balance each other efficiently.
Having been an independent (and self-taught) animation director and professor of arts for many years now, what is your message or advice to present students of animation?

I consider myself more Priit Pärn-taught after two years (2007-2009) in Estonian Academy of Art’s Animation Department. If I still try to figure out some kind of message that doesn’t sound like empty slogan, then maybe if you have to make film about cats, then go and live together with cats on the streets of Istanbul before you start. If you have to make film about forest elves, then switch off your phone and go and live in the forest like a fairy for a while. Yep!

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