October 22 (Saturday) 11.00 

Title: Long Way North (FRA 2015 81′)
Director: Rémi Chayé
Studio: Sacrebleu Productions
Web: facebook.com/toutenhautdumonde

Set in the late 19th century Saint Petersburg, Sasha, a young 16-year-old Russian aristocrat has always been fascinated by the adventurous life of her grandfather, an Arctic explorer. But Sacha’s parents, who already made arrangements for her marriage, strongly disapprove of the idea to say the least. Defying her destiny, Sacha flees her home and launches an adventure-filled quest toward the Great North in search of his grandfather, he hasn’t returned from his last expedition to the North Pole.

This beautifully animated historical fantasy uses a daringly minimalistic colour palette and uniquely stylised character design for an apt view of the barren world of the Arctic Pole. Having been the assistant director of the Cesar-nominated The Painting by Jean-Francois Laguionie and the Oscar-nominated Secret of Kells by Tomm Moorre, Long Way North is the very first feature film of the young director, Rémi Chayé. The film received the Audience Award for Feature Film at the Annecy International Animation Festival in 2015.


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