Max Andersson was born in 1962 in Karesuando, Sweden. He studied graphic design in Stockholm (1982-84) and film production at New York University. After directing and producing a series of international award-winning short films, he published his first graphic novel Pixy in 1992. Since then, his work has appeared in books in several languages, as well as in major anthologies including Strapazin, Lapin, Hôpital Brut, Zero Zero and Stripburger. His drawings, objects and installations have been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Max Andersson currently lives and works in Berlin.
His new film Tito On Ice is a feature-length documentary based on events following the release of his latest graphic novel Bosnian Flat Dog (co-author: Lars Sjunnesson).

“Rough and original” – mini interview with Max Andersson

I Feel Great. – exhibition at Roham Bar Budapest

Tito on Ice – film screening with Q&A with the directors Max Andersson and Helena Ahonen

Comic Book Art: The Genesis of Sick Ideas – Mastercalss


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