Primanima Nagydíj / Grand Prix
Sarina NIHEI: Apró, kalapos emberek / Small People with Hats (UK)

This award goes for a film which had an outstanding rhythm and timing in animation, individual character design, and a very strong political point of view, which is open for interpretations.

George Pal-díj a legígéretesebb magyar animációs tehetségnek / George Pal Prize for the most promising Hungarian talent in animation
(BUCSI Réka: Symphony No. 42)

For an innovative film, which explores the new possibilities of visual narration.

Legjobb elsőfilm / Best Début film
Dahee JEONG: Egy férfi ül a széken / Man on the Chair (FRA, KOR)

For its poetical visuals and story and a masterful use of animation.

Legjobb diplomafilm / Best Graduation Film
BUCSI Réka: Symphony No. 42 (HUN)

Legjobb workshop-film / Best Workshop Film
MARIAI Gábor: Villiams

For a humorous and promising film with a personal, vivid graphic style.

Kaspar Jancis különdíja / Kaspar Jancis’s special mention
Xaver Xilophon: Az út / Roadtrip (GER)

For its brilliant scriptwriting with a great sense of reality and atmosphere, for building believable characters and keeping the story surprising till the very end.

Aneta Ozorek különdíja / Aneta Ozorek’s special mention
Morgane Le Pechon: Napszúrás / Sunstroke (FRA)

For its atmospheric story, which contradicts realism and metaphor.

Yiorgos Tsangaris különdíja / Yiorgos Tsangaris’s special mention
DUCKI Tomek: Fürdő / Baths (POL)

For its mature visual language, rhythm and well interpreted subject matter.

PrimaSound: a legjobb hang díja / Best Sound Design
Tomasz POPAKUL (director) and Michal FOJCIK (sound designer): Ziegenort (POL)

This film has a technically perfectly designed, almost realistic sound design, which is illustrative, there are extraordinary sound elements which creates a dark atmosphere without the usual depressive stereotypes. It balances to create an emphatic emotional relations within the viewer. The sound design of this film also helps – with a perfect sense – the dramaturgy and the visuals.

A Diákzsűri kedvenc rövidfilmje / The Student Jury’s Favourite Short Film
Ana NEDELJKOVIC, Nikola MAJDAK: Rabbitland (SRB)

For a film where music, narration and the visuals are in a perfect harmony. The film has an unusually powerful and disturbingly directly addressed social criticism.


Macskássy Gyula-díj a legnépszerűbb magyar animációnak / Gyula Macskássy Prize for the most popular Hungarian animation
MARIAI Gábor: Rascal Redemption (HUN)

Közönségdíj a rövidfilm kategóriában / Short Film Audience Award
Sarah SAIDAN: Strandzászló / Beach Flag (FRA)

A gyermekközönség díja a gyermekfilm kategóriában / The Children Jury’s Award
Alexandra HETMEROVÁ: Mitopolisz / Mythopolis (CZE)


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Out of more than 500 submissions which the sixth edition of Primanima received from all over the world, the selection committee carefully selected 64 short...