This year Primanima will host an international experimental stop motion workshop lead by Milos Tomic, award-winning animation director from Serbia.

Application process & practical infos:
- send your online portfolio (Vimeo-link to your films, tumblr page etc.) and a short motivational letter to by October 1.
- the workshop will take place October 17–20 in Budaörs, Hungary
- 8 applicants will be selected to participate the workshop, whose accommodation and food will be covered by Primanima Festival, the participants will only have to take care of their travel to Budaörs
- the workshop will be held in English
- all participants will get free accreditation to Primanima World Festival of First Animations

Here is a short letter from Miloš to future participants!

Dear possible participants,

do you like stop motion? Would like to learn it by making stop motion films?
Please, don’t do that! Let’s try a different way! Should we try the impossible?
Let’s make animated films without animation… Without any slow, laborious, frame by frame techniques. Let’s try to “perform” animation alive. All tricks, effects, camera movements and the funny acting that “stop motion dizz” normally produces… Let’s make all that with “normal”, live shooting, in a manner of a travel circus crew or village theater friendship.
More concretely: let’s take a real stop trick movie and turn it into a lo-fi, reduced, do-it-ourselves version. Shot by shot, with music and sound made alive, during and beside the chosen composition, as if it were an inseparable process.
A live reenactment, a mimicking of stop motion, as if it has not yet been invented…
All right… Now you may ask, why to do it?
Earnestly, for me, it is a sort of liquidation of my previous films.
11 years ago I made this film, showed it with success numerous times and I want to recreate and destroy it in an illogical, maybe even in a stupid way.
And for you… it could be a comic way to understand the technique of stop motion.
And it can also switch on your imagination how to invent and perform alive all the impossible tricks while making this “fake” stop motion film. Who knows, maybe people will not notice the difference at all! It is an experimental, risky, non-commercial production, a few days to walk on the clouds… and maybe falling from the clouds… But why not?!

Take a look at “Clay Pigeon” and try to imagine the film shot by shot, picture and sound “played” alive.

See you there?


Miloš Tomić was born in 1976 in Belgrade. At the end of elementary school he started doodling, colouring, collecting objects from the street, photographing and playing some bad music. During high school he went to KVADRAT film school. Between 1993 and 2002 he was a contributor of the Radio B92’s Beautiful Rhythm of the Heart show with collage documentaries and radiophones experiments. In 2001 he graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Art (major in directing) in the class of Miša Radivojević, and in 2007 he also completed the postgraduate studies of Multimedia Animation in Prague at FAMU, in the class of Petar Skala, while he was a guest student in Madrid and Berlin between 2005 and 2007. In 2011 he finished his PhD with a thesis on “Preciousness of discarded objects – i.e. trash as the material for film, photography”. He has been living in Belgrade again since 2009, where he teaches at the video department of Singidunum University. On the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013 he represented Serbia. Since 2006 he has leaded circa 50 workshops about inspiration, stop trick, art brut, subversion, making objects, short films and animation in more than 30 towns (Prague, Belgrade, Milano, Dresden, Malta, Miyanmar, Barcelona, etc.).



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