10. 19–22. (Wednesday – Saturday) ● BABtér 

V4Fanzine set the aim to produce a multicultural publication and exhibition in which the invited artists had to depict the other nations’ cultural and national specialities and characteristics filtered through their own personalities and world view. Therefore the inner content is not just a simple transcript of well-known and national attributes but also an adaptation or interpretation.

We invited 9 artists from the Visegrad Four countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), divided them to groups of three, and appointed them another nation to work with. They were free to choose their themes – the only restriction was that they had to use the three given colours from the flags: red, green and blue. It was not just a usual challenge for graphic designers but an encouragement for researching, learning and interpreting as a person; an opportunity to seek after linkings, similarities and differences between cultures with the attitude of tolerance and pure interest – this way specialities were turned into commonalities and vice versa.

The international project was coordinated by a Hungarian team – József Fekete, Artúr Haránt, Eszter Komornik, Soma Sebesvári –, was funded by International Visegrad Fund and supported by four institutions: The Hungarian kArton galéria, the Czech komixxx projekt, the Paper Beats Rock and the Slovakian Dive Buki. The publication and the exhibition was first presented in August 2016 at kArton Gallery, and it has been or will be repeated in the other three countries during 2016.


10. 19. (Wednesday) 15.30

Open Discussion with the organizers and artists
10. 22. (Saturday) 12.00 • BABtér


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