Primanima Grand Prix (1,000 Euros)


The grand prize goes to a film, which tells a powerful and personal story from a child’s point of view. It conveys an uncomfortable fear. The jury found the storytelling, design, animation and rhythm exceptional.

George Pal Award (1,000 Euros)

The jury found important to recognize and promote young Hungarian talent and created a prize naming its after one of the most prominent Hungarian animation pioneer, George Pal. This prize goes to a young director, who showed us diversity, creativity in his works, exploring the medium in a playful yet expressive way. George Pal Prize is a shared award with the Grand Prix in the amount of 2,000 Euros.

Gyula Macskássy Award (500 Euros)

The most popular Hungarian animation based on the audience votes.


The jury decided to award the film for its fresh, witty and surprising storytelling, turning a school exercise into a complete film.

The prize goes to a film for its vivid, original and colourful graphic design with equally exciting soundtrack. It showed us how experimental film can be hugely entertaining.

The prize goes to a film, which surprises us with its unusual, unexpected narrative and creates a cruel, funny, bizarre but immensely enjoyable world.


“My special mention goes to a film, which cleverly combines documentary and animation to add a new chapter to the history of animation.”

“My special mention goes to a refreshing sketch of pointless but meaningful student conversation.”

“My choice is a film, which tackle a serious political and historical issue in Argentina. This important film shows the power of this medium, trying to change our perception about the world.”

An award given to the best film considered by the student jury of Illyés Gyula Secondary School.