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BABtér is an independent cultural and education centre in Budaörs, founded by Manifeszt Association, and professionally supported and operated by Primanima Ltd. 
The Budaörs Animation Base and Creative Space was opened on 19 October 2016, the first day of the 5th Primanima festival, in 12 Templom Square, Budaörs. As an animation film and creative studio and incubator house, BABtér offers educational and cultural programmes for people of all ages. BABtér also has a stop-motion animation, graphic arts and drawing studio, in which talents studying in tertiary vocational training and university programmes can develop their films too. The heart of Primanima's studio operating in BABtér is the constantly improving stop-motion studio, which builds its activities on traditional, hand-made techniques. Our screening room has a capacity of 50, where we hold community activities, film screenings, art prep courses, illustration and graphic art courses, exhibitions, exam days, and we organize professional discussions and forums. BABtér cooperates with art universities and non-governmental organizations in Hungary and Europe, and the Primanima World Festival of First Animation Festival is also partly held here every year. Our team believes that animation is not exclusively about filmmaking, as the original meaning of the word is "to bestow a soul", "to bestow a life", and to encourage someone to do something useful. BABtér wishes to follow that mission. If you are interested in a partnership with us, or would like to organize an event at our venue, please send us an email to

Primanima animation funzone and caravan

Thought up by Tamás Patrovits and Anna Ida Orosz, the Primanima Animation Funzone was first opened to the public in the 2012 festival, after which the creative children's activity was moved to the smallest hall of BABtér. We hold regular, weekly activities and summer camps at the Funzone, and also organize group activities and birthdays on request. In order to promote art education in the area, we also offer a number of free programmes to kindergartens, schools and families as a community service.
The aim of the Funzone is to let every age group learn about the magic of animation filmmaking. Experienced animators and educators facilitate the presentation of various techniques (drawing, stop-motion, puppet, object, sand and lego animation, pixillation) to the visitors, and help them try some cameraless animation tools (zoetrope, phenakistoscope, thaumatrope). Traditional and hand-animated tricks, as well as digital, 2D and 3D computer graphics, and the mixing of these can all be learned at the programme. We believe that these Funzone activities can help everyone discover the artistic and storytelling tools hidden in animation, and that we can help young people become an active, media-conscious audience. Since 2014, our Funzone has been receiving an increasing number of invitations abroad, and we have also travelled to other parts of the country multiple times. The Primanima Animation Funzone Caravan appeared at numerous film festivals, cultural centres, conferences and fairs from the United States to Poland and Transylvania. Our crew went on spring tours in 2019 and 2022 with the support of the National Cultural Fund, letting us bring the experience of animation making to municipalities marginalized geographically and/or socially too, where the local children have less access to visual culture and arts, and have no or limited opportunities to recognize and make use of their own talents. The activities aim to have the children learn the technique in a playful way, even creating their own short films that they can take home with them, and to inspire them to use the technique taught by us to continue making films in the future. Our activities consist of exercises encouraging new ways of thinking and creative problem solving, which can be applied by the children later in school as well. Our mobile animation studio accepts invitations all year round: we pack everything needed for animation making in our van, and deliver the activities anywhere in the country. We primarily recommend the introductory travelling programme of our Funzone to cultural centres, schools, institutions and festival organizers who see the possibility of being able to use grant money to invite our "animation orchestra".

Primanima print house

At the Primanima Print House print and graphic art studio, we make and teach techniques of printmaking including risograph prints, linocuts, screen prints, posters, calendars, zines, comics and illustrations. Our goal is to let a visually receptive, wide audience learn about graphic arts based on traditional and contemporary techniques.
Risograph printing is a permanent element of BABtér's courses, we hold several workshops for small groups, and the technique is also part of our weekly activities. Risograph printing is a technology imported from Japan, born from mixing screen printing with digital photocopying. The printer uses environmentally friendly technology with a special, rice and soy oil based ink, printing the artwork on a special kind of art paper. If you are interested in a partnership with us, please send an email to


The PrimaTeen initiative is a programme section and school programme of the Primanima festival, which expands visual culture education options in Hungary with the help of original animation short films, following foreign examples such as the Generation section of Berlinale, and the 'Suli-Mozi' (School-Cinema) or Student Verzió, which have also been very successful in Hungary.
The international and Hungarian selection presents short films especially made for teenagers, and its goal is to connect to adolescents through a comfortable visual world, helping them have conversations about experiencing bullying, sibling jealousy, friendship, connecting to others, peer pressure, or crisis situations. The patron of the programme is clinical child and adolescent psychologist Krisztina Peer, who helps in the selection of films, and leads discussions for school groups during the festival. The free school programme of PrimaTeen continues as a school programme after the festival, with screenings and discussions organized in eight locations. For the schools that we cannot visit personally, we provide online access to the films, as well as a lesson plan reviewed by Krisztina Peer to aid the teachers in leading the helping discussions.

Primanima Jumpstart

Primanima Jumpstart is a 2 in 1 talent development initiative: a workshop and script development programme, which takes place at the Primanima World Festival of First Animations and continues throughout the year in a form of online meetings and in-person sessions taking place at our partner institutions' events. 12 selected talents can participate in a one-of-a-kind workshop and have a chance to consult their scripts with a script consultant during the workshop and throughout the year.


BABfilmlab is an intensive filmmaking course and workshop built on practical foundations, providing an opportunity for university students and young talents with some experience in film to develop their live action, documentary or animation film projects. The development of the selected projects happens in two steps: in the theoretical part the participants do structure analysis and work on their script, and then during the practical workshop they can create key scenes or the pilot material of the project. The programme was developed and is led by director, screenwriter, cinematographer and educator Csaba Szekeres.


Primazine is the online magazine of Primanima, in which you can read news, reviews, essays and interviews relevant to the festival and the world of auteur animation. We also share video contents on the Primazine website, and this is where you can listen to our podcasts too.