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Csaba Szekeres was born in 1968 in Mezőkövesd, a small town in Northern Hungary. After completing his film studies in 1993, he moved to Paris to study French theatre at Ariane Mnouchkine (Théâtre du Soleil). In the same year he made his first creative documentary, Letters from Provence, which was distributed by HBO. Over the last 25 years, he has made numerous documentaries. The majority of these films deal with social issues and reflect individual stories within small communities. His latest documentary, Ever, tells the love story of an elderly couple. His work has been recognised by professional forums both at home and abroad. He is the founder of several professional events related to screenwriting. He is the founder and professional director of the Script Reading Project and the BABfilmlab, and is also initiated the Story Upsys which is a story development method.